Working with dates in Cognos

In Cognos reports I use various dates. I use today, first day of this year, first day of last year and last day of last year.First and last day of last year is used in january. In february we switch to the current year.

I use the following expressions to fill these dates:

Today: current_date

First day of this year: _add_days(Current_date ; (_day_of_year(Current_date)*-1)+1 )

First day of last year (only used in january): _first_of_month(_add_years(current_date;-1))

Last day of last year (only used in january): _last_of_month(_add_months (current_date;-1))

Error CNC-SDS-0336

Received a messag in my mailbox with error CNC-SDS-0336 after bursting a report (Cognos 8.4.1).

We were unable to send a message to one or more recipients. Please contact your administrator.

Error Message: CNC-SDS-0336 There are no valid recipients for the message. The message will not be sent. Please check delivery addresses.


In my case it was caused by the fact that a specific records didn’t have the ID to the ID’s in the bursting table.

Other tips on the internet:

Check your Cognos configuraton and make sure you have a valid email server setup.



Create a Chart with 2 measures and percentage

Used in Cognos 8.4

To achieve this we need to join 2 facts on one time dimension

After publishing the package we create a new report.

Drag in a combination chart

In the series we put 2 measures

After that we create a new data item in the query with the calculation:



After that we drag the PERCENTAGE in the series


The following settings are important:

Click on the chart > complete chart is gray


Click on the right y-axis


Click on label left of MEASURE1


Click on label left of MEASURE2


Click on label left of PERCENTAGE


Click on the PERCENTAGE


The result when running the report: