Ungroup repeating cells in Excel

One of the anoying things in Cognos 8.x was, when you export a report to Excel, that some grouped cells kept being grouped in Excel. So when a user wants to analyse data in Excel some data is missing (after ungrouping).

In Cognos 10 there is a property to solve this. Go to the report properties and deselect the option “Group repeating cells when exporting to Excel”



Open MHT files in Firefox

When you start working with Cognos Active Reports you can save a report as a MHT file. To view these MHT files you can use Internet Explorer.

When you don’t want to use IE the alternative is Firefox. To open the MHT file you can use the plugin called UnMHT


You can find the plugin on this page: https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/unmht/

After clicking on “Add to Firefox” you’ll get a warning


Click “Install” to finish the installation

After that drag a .mht file into the Firefox address bar and see the mht file gets opened properly


I must note that the functionality in Firefox is not the same as in Internet Explorer. The report is not really active.

Remove Deselect at the bottom Prompt

How to remove ‘Deselect’ at the bottom of the Radio Button Prompt in Report Studio.

In a report I created a custom prompt with two values. I changed the interface to radiobutton. With some javascript the first two lines were hidden, so you only see the two selectable values. Still there is “Deselect” visible and there is no need to see that. So I want to hide it, but how? Continue reading