Cognos Content Backup

This tutorioal explains how to make a backup of the content of Cognos.

It is advised to have this running every day so you can restore the content is case something goes wrong.

The zip file that will be created with this backup is stored in the following directory:


With some simple shell script you can copy this created file every day to a backup share in you network

Follw the next steps the create this backup/export:

1. Login to Cognos and go to Administration > Configuration > Content Administration

2. Click on “new export”

3. Give an name for the new export and click NEXT



2. Choose if you want to select specific folder/content OR select the complete content store.This way you can also include the personal report for users in their personal folders.



3. Click on set the encryption password



4. Fill in the password and click OK



5. Take a look at the summary of the backup



6. Choose to run once or create a schedule. Click FINISH to start the backup.



7. Take a look in the folder /opt/cognos/c8/deployment if the backup succeeded.