PRS-TRS-0906 after copy paste text

Issue PRS-TRS-0906

I was creating a report schedule for the user. The user provided text to add to the email body of the scheduled report. After pasting the text and clicking OK, it resulted in Error PRS-TRS-0906 The “VALIDATE” transform instruction could not validate the given XML content”


The issue was caused by copy/paste of text from the users email. This text was copied from the users email and seems to contain attributes that cognos can’t handle.


Paste the users text to notepad and copied from notepad to the body of the email. Then switched the setting to “Change to HTML format”.

The requested styling could be provided now such as bold and underlined.

Similar solution was descibed on




Got some schedules in my Cognos environment who failed with the message:

CNC-SDS-0413 There was a problem in executing the task. The user authentication failed. It may not be possible to rerun the task.

To solve this I followed the next steps:

1. Renew the credentials (see how on this article)

2. Go to System Administration

3. Click on Schedules

4. Find the schedule with the error in the list

5. Click on the small blue triangle

6. Choose modify the schedule

7. Change nothing

8. Click OK to save the schedule

After that you can check the schedule on the next upcomming event.




Error BMT-MD-2049

Getting error BMT-MD-2049 on validating a project. I got this error on a dutch installation, so the error description is in dutch.

BMT-MD-2049 Deze meetwaarde heeft als gegevenstype ‘Character’ en bevat de normale aggregatieregel ‘Sum’. Deze regel wordt niet ondersteund voor dit gegevenstype.
BMT-MD-2050 Deze meetwaarde heeft als gegevenstype ‘Character’ en bevat de semi-additieve aggregatieregel ‘Sum’. Deze regel wordt niet ondersteund voor dit gegevenstype.
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Cognos Error RSV-VAL-0032

This article explain how I got Cognos Error RSV-VAL-0032 and solved it.
In a report I have a filter on Date From. It works with a DatePicker Prompt. Often the client wants to print the report or view in PDF. When the report is started and no Date From is chosen, the parameter p_date_from is empty. So when I show this parameter in the report it is empty.
To solve that I created a report expression with the following case:

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Cognos Error PDS-PPE-0116

This error occurred while running a report.

The IBM site says:


While running the report, Cognos 8 server will temporarily store all data sets in the Cognos8_install_directory/temp directory. If the disk is out of the space, the error message will be generated.


Assign more disk space on the Cognos 8 server machine.

The other solution is to search in the cognos log files what query is running for the report and look if there are full outer joins in the query.

Perhaps a solution is to make an other selection for the report to avoid the full outer joins.