Group rows in cognos report list


When you create a standard table in a report you can have double rows with the same data


In Cognos it is possible to group these rows


Follow the next steps to group the rows in the table

1. Select the column in the table witch you want to group


2. Choose in Report Studio –> Structure –> Group/degroup


3. The result in the table after that:


4. Next run the report and the result looks like:


Hide and Show Fields Based on Prompt Values

Information on hide and show fields based on prompt value can be found on the following URL:

Open the ZIP with information direct:

Button types for Cognos

On a site I found various types for creating buttons on your cognos report:

PDF Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in PDF” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘PDF’)”>

CSV Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in CSV” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘CSV’)”>

XML Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in XML” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘XML’)”>

Excel single Sheet:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in Single Excel Sheet” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘singleXLS’)”>

Active Report button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in Active Report” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘MHT’)”>

Excel 2007 Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in Excel2007″ onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘spreadsheetML’)”>



PDF button in report

I came across a solution to get a PDF button in the report.
Drag a HTML item into the report and put in the following script:
<script language=”javascript”>
function gotoPDF()
{var obj=document.all[‘OutputFormat’];
var value=”PDF”;
/* Below function passed the selected output format to the server */
window.onload(gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport (value));
<button style=”background-color:white” onclick=”gotoPDF()”>Open in PDF</button>
Another option is to create a drill link to the report it self.