Cognos Administration

In Cognos Administration you can perform server administration, data management, security and content administration, activities management, and portal services administration.

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Got some schedules in my Cognos environment who failed with the message: CNC-SDS-0413 There was a problem in executing the task. The user authentication failed. It may not be possible to rerun the task. To solve this I followed the next steps: 1. Renew the credentials (see how on this article) 2. Go to System […]
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Turn on Cognos Auditing

Follw the next steps to turn on Auditing in Cognos Administration. Cognos Configuration 1. Open Cognos Configuration 2. Right-click on Logging and from the popup menu select New Resource->Destination. 3. Name the new resource Audit, and leave the type as Database, then click OK. 4. Right-click on the resource Audit, and from the popup menu […]
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Create Data Source Connection

In Cognos Administration > Configuration > Data Source connections you have to configure your connections tot the database. The following steps show how to do that. 1. Login in cognos and go to Adinistration > Configuration > Data Source Connections 2. Click on the reight side of the screen on “New Data Source”. Give the […]
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Saving Report Output to the Server File System

Information on saving your report output to a filesystem can be found on the following URL: Open the PDF with information direct:
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General instructions to set advanced server parameters

Steps: 1. Start IBM Cognos Connection. 2. In the upper-right corner, click Launch, IBM Cognos Administration 3. On the Status tab, click System. 4. In the upper-left corner of the Scorecard pane, click the arrow to view the Change view menu. Click Services, and then click All. 5. Click the arrow next to ReportService to […]
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