Report Service

In the report service you can view an change settings for executing reports and other services. The table below shows some of the parameters that can be changed.

Property Description Default Value  URL
RSVP.PARAMETERS.SAVE Specifies that report prompt values entered by a user should be saved automatically. false
RSVP.CHARTS.ALTERNATECOLOURS Specifies that each chart instance assigns colors in palette order and does not attempt to preserve the color of items from one chart instance to another. false
RSVP.FILE.EXTENSION.XLS Specifies to use XLS as the file extension on XLS output format email attachments instead of HTML. false
RSVP.EXCEL.NUMBEREDSHEETNAMES Specifies that sheets in excel are numbered with a sequence false URL
RSVP.CSV.MIMETYPE To get the file format to .csv instead of .xls when exporting to csv applicaton/csv URL

General instructions to set advanced server parameters

Steps: 1. Start IBM Cognos Connection. 2. In the upper-right corner, click Launch, IBM Cognos Administration 3. On the Status tab, click System. 4. In the upper-left corner of the Scorecard pane, click the arrow to view the Change view menu. Click Services, and then click All. 5. Click the arrow next to ReportService to […]
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Excel Sheet Renaming

Case: When a Cognos report is exported to Excel the tabs are numbered with a sequence. Sometimes this is not a desired feature. You want to prevent Cognos from adding a “_” and a sequence number.
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Change Maximum number of interactive report service processes (R8.1,8.2)

An explanation of how you can change the maximum number of interactive report service processes can be found on:
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