Cognos Error RSV-VAL-0032

This article explain how I got Cognos Error RSV-VAL-0032 and solved it.
In a report I have a filter on Date From. It works with a DatePicker Prompt. Often the client wants to print the report or view in PDF. When the report is started and no Date From is chosen, the parameter p_date_from is empty. So when I show this parameter in the report it is empty.
To solve that I created a report expression with the following case:

case when (ParamCount(‘p_date_from’) > 0) then( ParamDisplayValue(‘p_date_from’))
else  [QryDaysOfYear].[FIRST_DAY_OF_YEAR] end
I also created a query [QryDaysOfYear] with the dataitem [FIRST_DAY_OF_YEAR].
When I run or validate the report I get the following error:
RSV-VAL-0032 The following expression is not valid:
case when (ParamCount(‘p_date_from’) > 0) then( ParamDisplayValue(‘p_date_from’))
else  [QryDaysOfYear].[FIRST_DAY_OF_YEAR] end.
If the item exists in a query but is not referenced in the layout, add it to a property list. CRX-API-0005 An error ocurred at or near the position ’89’. The variable named ‘ [QryDaysOfYear].[FIRST_DAY_OF_YEAR] ‘ is invalid.
To solve this I took the next steps:
1. Click on an empty part in the report
2. Select “Page” with the ancestor button
3. Go to Data > Query and select the query which contains the data item [QryDaysOfYear].[FIRST_DAY_OF_YEAR]
4. Then go to Properties
5. In the popup screen select the data item [FIRST_DAY_OF_YEAR]
After that select Tools > Validate Report to see that the error is gone.


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  1. Well that saved me a great deal of frustration. Thanks!

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