Data Manager

Cognos Data Manager is the ETL tool for high performance business intelligence.

Data Manager has the following components:

– Data Manager Engine

– Data Manager Designer

– Data Movement Service

– Data Manager Network Services

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IBM Cognos Data Manager

Version 10.1.0 here.

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Data Manager Catalog Backup

It is posible to automate the backup of a Datamanager Catalog. On, Michael Sherman replied that his script can be used as an example: SET DATESTAMP=%DATE% SET TIMESTAMP=%TIME% SET YEAR=%DATESTAMP:~10,4% SET MONTH=%DATESTAMP:~4,2% SET DAY=%DATESTAMP:~7,2% SET HOUR=%TIMESTAMP:~0,2% SET MINUTE=%TIMESTAMP:~3,2% SET FILEDATE=%YEAR%-%MONTH%-%DAY%_%HOUR\%%MINUTE% C:\Progra~1\cognos\c8\bin\CATBACKUP.exe ODBC “DSN=[ODBC Connection to Catalog Database];UID=[User ID to log onto Database];PWD=[Password to Log […]
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DM-RCI-0110 Data Manager RCI Interface Error

This error occurred when trying to start a jobstream in datamanager: DM-RCI-0110 Data Manager RCI Interface Error (RCI_SoapFaultException – cmAuthenticateFailed): Failed to get CAM passport
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Failed to get CAM Passport - check credential path

Problem: On starting a mapping in Data Manager the following error rises: DM-DBM-0402 CMSRC driver reported the following: failed to get CAM Passport, check credential path Solution: The user credentials in Data Manager are no longer valid. To renew them follow the next steps:
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Create Datamanager Catalog Document

To create a datamander catalog document follow the next steps: 1. Open the catalog you want documented 2. Select File > Document Catalog
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