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Cognos Report Studio is the tool for creating custom reports on relational or dimensional modeled data. You can also create charts in various types.

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Search and Select Prompt

At one of my customers I recently got involved in Cognos 10.2.2 During test work it was noticed that the Search & Select Prompt behaves different.
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Clear Parameter Values

When you are developing a report and run it to test, value are stored from filters or the source connection. This is done so you won’t have to fill them in every time you test. Sometimes you want to select a different source. For example first you test on DEV connection and now you want to […]
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Ungroup repeating cells in Excel

One of the anoying things in Cognos 8.x was, when you export a report to Excel, that some grouped cells kept being grouped in Excel. So when a user wants to analyse data in Excel some data is missing (after ungrouping). In Cognos 10 there is a property to solve this. Go to the report […]
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Remove Deselect at the bottom Prompt

How to remove ‘Deselect’ at the bottom of the Radio Button Prompt in Report Studio. In a report I created a custom prompt with two values. I changed the interface to radiobutton. With some javascript the first two lines were hidden, so you only see the two selectable values. Still there is “Deselect” visible and […]
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Report Studio Workshop

On this site you can find a Hands On Workshop for Cognos Report Studio 10.2.2 There is also a direct link to the PDF here
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