Conditional Styles


You want to give columns in a table a specific color depending on the value.

For example the number of “products sold”:

0 becomes red

Between 0 and 100 becomes orange

Above 100 becomes green


Create a report with region and products sold (number)

Click once on the column “products sold”

On the left panel > Properties > Conditional > Click on Conditional styles

A screen pops up

cond_style_1 cond_style_5 cond_style_4 cond_style_3 cond_style_2

Choose New Conditional Style

Select the column “products sold” on witch you want to have the style

Type of conditional style: Numeric Range

Click OK

Now you can give the conditional style a recognizable name, e.g. Style Products Sold



Click on the yellow wheel to add a new value > 0


Click on the yellow wheel to add a new value > 100

Define the colors for the range


Move your mouse over middle section of a range to see the values of that range


When you are ready with ranges, values and colors click OK and OK

Run the report to see the result




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