Mouseover text on cognos list header

When you want to show some explanatory text on a mouseover on a list header you can use the following solution:

1. Unlock the report

2. Drag a HTML item before the header text item

3. Add the HTML: <span title=”Text to show on hoover”>

4. Drag a HTML item after the header text item

5. Add the HTML: </span>

6. Lock the report

Run the report to see the result.

2 thoughts on “Mouseover text on cognos list header

  1. When the report is output to an excel file the list column title shows in 3 rows – one blank before and after the title

    • Hi Jaya,

      Please remove the HTML items and run the report to see how it exports to Excel. Seems to me this trick would not cause the extra lines.
      Another option is to create two report pages. You render one for HTML and a separate one for Excel.


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