Custom Chart Palettes

Some Companies want to have a special set of colors when they use charts in a report.

Underneath an example of two charts. One with default colors an the other with custom colors.

custom_chart_color_6 custom_chart_color_5



This can be achived by editing 2 system XML files.

It is to be recommended to save the original files so you wil be able to return to the original configuration.

The article describes the process by which you can add new chart palettes or customize existing chart palettes for use in IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio.

Click on the following link to open the PDF:


Create filter on Database Object

In this example we have a set of data in a table witch has multiple of rows for each date.

In the Cognos report we want to filter the data for a specific date (or value).

We can solve this by adding a filter on the business view object in the Framework Manager (FM). This filter is a prompt witch pops up on opening the report. Continue reading