Cognos Error RSV-VAL-0032

This article explain how I got Cognos Error RSV-VAL-0032 and solved it.
In a report I have a filter on Date From. It works with a DatePicker Prompt. Often the client wants to print the report or view in PDF. When the report is started and no Date From is chosen, the parameter p_date_from is empty. So when I show this parameter in the report it is empty.
To solve that I created a report expression with the following case:

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Page break in report


You want to build a report which shows salesdata per region and show every region on an new page.


Create a table with branch, year and some fact data.

Click once on the column branch.

In the toolbar click on Structure > Page-break (with Master/Detail)

After that you can also click on ‘Section’. This way you create an header per page for Region.

See Section in report for more enhancement details.

Multi dimensional functions

In Cognos you can use a lot of Dimensional functions. Information about these functions can be found on:

You can download a zip-file here witch contains a PDF and a zip-file with examples.

The dimensional functions can be used with crosstab reports with for example year, quarter and sales facts.

A usefull example can be found on Youtube: