Remove Deselect at the bottom Prompt

How to remove ‘Deselect’ at the bottom of the Radio Button Prompt in Report Studio.

In a report I created a custom prompt with two values. I changed the interface to radiobutton. With some javascript the first two lines were hidden, so you only see the two selectable values. Still there is “Deselect” visible and there is no need to see that. So I want to hide it, but how?


I found some answers for this on

For Cognos 10:

This is native functionality in 10.1.1

Select your value prompt, then find the property Results Select All Text. Click the ellipsis, click Specified text, then OK.

Repeat for the Results Deselect All Text property.

(Sorry, but cannot provide screenshots at this moment)

For Cognos 8:

Instead of JavaScript u can go to “Classes” from “Page explorer” bar.


Select “Prompt control Hyperlink” class object from “Global Class Extensions”.


Select class property “Box Type” and set to “None”. This way you disable “select all and deselect all” options to any prompt in the  report.

Run the report again to see the result.



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