Section in report


In a report you can work with ‘sections’ to make a grouping more visible. For example you want to show some charts with sales data for each branch of the company.


Create a table with ordernumber, product and some fact data.sectioning_1

Run the report to see the result:


Click once on the column ordernumber.

In the toolbar click on the ‘section’ button.


Branch now becomes a header and beneath it shows the relevant data for this branch.


Run the report to see the result:



When you run the report you wil only see the ordernumber in the header of the section.

You can put the text “Ordernumber:” in front of it.

Do this by click once on the section title

Click on the lock to unlock the report. 


Now drag a new text item from the toolbox to the left of the section-item.

Type the text “Branch: ” in the text box.

Lock the report again and run the report to see the result.

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