Show prompt value in report


For a customer I created a report with prompts. The customer uses this report to create output in Excel.

The report shows the prompt value but the output in Excel doesn’t show the choosen prompt values.


Add a text item in the report

Give it the name of the prompt eg. PERIOD

Add another text item on the right side of the firts text item

Go to the properties of the text item

Choose instead of TEXT for REPORT EXPRESSION

Highlight the report expression item once.

In the properties pane choose Report Expression. A screen pops up.

In this screen choose the parameter tab. Then add the parameter you want to show and drag it to the expression field.


To show multiple parameters in one row you can add test to the ParamDisplayValue item.

For example:

‘For the period ‘+ParamDisplayValue(“from”)+’ to ‘+ParamDisplayValue(“to”)

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