Clear Parameter Values

When you are developing a report and run it to test, value are stored from filters or the source connection. This is done so you won’t have to fill them in every time you test.

Sometimes you want to select a different source. For example first you test on DEV connection and now you want to test with QA connection.

To achieve this you want to clear the reports cached values. This can be done in Report Studio by selecting File > Clear Parameter Values

Create Data Source Connection

In Cognos Administration > Configuration > Data Source connections you have to configure your connections tot the database.

The following steps show how to do that.

1. Login in cognos and go to Adinistration > Configuration > Data Source Connections


2. Click on the reight side of the screen on “New Data Source”. Give the new datasource a name. Click NEXT


3. Select the type of Database, eg. Oracle. click NEXT


4. Enter the TNS_ENTRY for the database. This one has to respond when you perform: TNSPING <TNS_ENTRY>. Also choose the schema that contains the datbase objects you need to connect to. Signon with User ID and Password. Create a signon for “Everyone”


5. When you click on test the connection a test is performed with the used settings


6. When the test result is “succesfull” you can carry on. For normal situations the next screen is left blank, no options highlighted


7. Click Finish to create the source connection

This created source can be selected in Framework Manager when you use the data import wizzard.

When you choose a common name for the database connection, eg. SOURCE_DB and you have to use this name in every cognos environment. This way it is easy to migrate reports and packages.