PRS-TRS-0906 after copy paste text

Issue PRS-TRS-0906

I was creating a report schedule for the user. The user provided text to add to the email body of the scheduled report. After pasting the text and clicking OK, it resulted in Error PRS-TRS-0906 The “VALIDATE” transform instruction could not validate the given XML content”


The issue was caused by copy/paste of text from the users email. This text was copied from the users email and seems to contain attributes that cognos can’t handle.


Paste the users text to notepad and copied from notepad to the body of the email. Then switched the setting to “Change to HTML format”.

The requested styling could be provided now such as bold and underlined.

Similar solution was descibed on



Error CNC-SDS-0336

Received a messag in my mailbox with error CNC-SDS-0336 after bursting a report (Cognos 8.4.1).

We were unable to send a message to one or more recipients. Please contact your administrator.

Error Message: CNC-SDS-0336 There are no valid recipients for the message. The message will not be sent. Please check delivery addresses.


In my case it was caused by the fact that a specific records didn’t have the ID to the ID’s in the bursting table.

Other tips on the internet:

Check your Cognos configuraton and make sure you have a valid email server setup.