PRS-TRS-0906 after copy paste text

Issue PRS-TRS-0906

I was creating a report schedule for the user. The user provided text to add to the email body of the scheduled report. After pasting the text and clicking OK, it resulted in Error PRS-TRS-0906 The “VALIDATE” transform instruction could not validate the given XML content”


The issue was caused by copy/paste of text from the users email. This text was copied from the users email and seems to contain attributes that cognos can’t handle.


Paste the users text to notepad and copied from notepad to the body of the email. Then switched the setting to “Change to HTML format”.

The requested styling could be provided now such as bold and underlined.

Similar solution was descibed on




A customer has a report with some areas that need more explanation about the data or graphic. This is possible to just simple add a text item to the report with some text, but then there is a problem that it is always visible.

With this code it is possible to place the text in a popup window. If they click on the header name, defined in the script, a popup window will show. Click again on the header name to make it invisible again.

How to use:

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Mouseover text on cognos list header

When you want to show some explanatory text on a mouseover on a list header you can use the following solution:

1. Unlock the report

2. Drag a HTML item before the header text item

3. Add the HTML: <span title=”Text to show on hoover”>

4. Drag a HTML item after the header text item

5. Add the HTML: </span>

6. Lock the report

Run the report to see the result.

Button types for Cognos

On a site I found various types for creating buttons on your cognos report:

PDF Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in PDF” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘PDF’)”>

CSV Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in CSV” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘CSV’)”>

XML Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in XML” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘XML’)”>

Excel single Sheet:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in Single Excel Sheet” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘singleXLS’)”>

Active Report button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in Active Report” onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘MHT’)”>

Excel 2007 Button:

<input type=’Button’ value=”Report in Excel2007″ onclick=”javascript:gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport(‘spreadsheetML’)”>



PDF button in report

I came across a solution to get a PDF button in the report.
Drag a HTML item into the report and put in the following script:
<script language=”javascript”>
function gotoPDF()
{var obj=document.all[‘OutputFormat’];
var value=”PDF”;
/* Below function passed the selected output format to the server */
window.onload(gCognosViewer.getRV().viewReport (value));
<button style=”background-color:white” onclick=”gotoPDF()”>Open in PDF</button>
Another option is to create a drill link to the report it self.