Cognos Error PDS-PPE-0116

This error occurred while running a report.

The IBM site says:


While running the report, Cognos 8 server will temporarily store all data sets in the Cognos8_install_directory/temp directory. If the disk is out of the space, the error message will be generated.


Assign more disk space on the Cognos 8 server machine.

The other solution is to search in the cognos log files what query is running for the report and look if there are full outer joins in the query.

Perhaps a solution is to make an other selection for the report to avoid the full outer joins.


On adding some field in the report and ruuning it I got the following error: UDA-SQL-0227 Equivalence types are incompatible.

This error is caused by a difference in datatypes in Framework Manager in a join between to objects.

In my case I created a relation on an ID between a fact and dimension. In the fact the ID is of type “Character Length 16”.

In the dimension the ID is of type “Float64”

This is caused by the difference in datatypes in the database.

So I solved this by putting a TO_NUMBER on both ID’s