View Table or Chart with prompt

In report you often want to switch between a crosstab/table or a chart. You can give the user this selection with a prompt and a variable.

1. Insert a value prompt above the table. Parameter is p_view

2. Insert static choises:

Use      View

Table   Table

Chart   Chart

3. Set standard selection to the type you want to see default, eg. Chart

4. Create a variable “VarView” with the expression: If (ParamValue(‘p_view’) = ‘Table’) then ‘Table’ else ‘Chart’

5. Add values to the variable: Table, Chart

6. Make sure that the crosstab/table is placed in a table. Also the chart has to be placed in a table.

7. Click once on the table cell the crosstab/table is placed in

8. Choose Stylevariable = “VarView”

9. Click once an the table cell the chart is placed in

10. Choose Stylevariable = “VarView”

11. Now select the value “table” from the variable, the centre gets green

12. Select the tablecell where the chart is placed and set “box type” to “none”

13. Now select the value “chart” from the variable

14. Select the tablecell where the crosstab/table is placed and set “box type” to “none”

15. Add some script with a html item next to the value prompt to hide the first 2 lines.

      See the article Hide 2 top rows in prompt on this site

Page break in report


You want to build a report which shows salesdata per region and show every region on an new page.


Create a table with branch, year and some fact data.

Click once on the column branch.

In the toolbar click on Structure > Page-break (with Master/Detail)

After that you can also click on ‘Section’. This way you create an header per page for Region.

See Section in report for more enhancement details.

Create filter on Database Object

In this example we have a set of data in a table witch has multiple of rows for each date.

In the Cognos report we want to filter the data for a specific date (or value).

We can solve this by adding a filter on the business view object in the Framework Manager (FM). This filter is a prompt witch pops up on opening the report. Continue reading